Will adventures! A great

Will adventures! A great!

It is true!

Only time we will need much less.

And what adventures?

asks the grandson.

Will adventures!

A great discoveries?


And miracles and magic?

interested in Lisa.

There will be miracles!

When did they start, grandma?

Right now, because we go to the Conservatory, yearround tropical flower and fruit plants!

It is in fact a glass building under the hood?

Under the dome, I add.

Smart walks Our trips will be similar to the interplanetary journey!

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On the modern

On the modern Now we will address to abcbooks.

All of them, as we know, are designed for children younger school age and if is more exact first graders.

On the modern to theories, training in reading at school begins with the zvukoalphabetic analysis and drawing up schemes of words.

To kids of preschool age and much pervo to the graders who are not able to read such rebuses not in power.

They only to a zap tyvat children and have no relation to ability to read.

Having trained children to the zvukoalphabetic analysis, abcbooks smoothly pass to letters on the page so on the sixtieth, continuing to demand drawing up schemes of words.

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However, will

However, will The alphabet is made of curves means, we also should not prepare for it not studying of straight lines lines.

However, will object us, in some letters of the alphabet straight lines meet.

Yes, but it not the reason to begin the letter with such detail.

We can analyze alphabetic characters and open in them straight lines and curves just as, analyzing the speech, we find the grammatical rules.

But the person speaks, without regard to these rules why not to write us irrespective of this analysis and without studying of the elements making a letter?

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Summer vinaigrette

Summer vinaigrette To slice boiled or pripushchenny fish thin, to mix with the vegetables prepared and sliced by the thin; to fill mayonnaise, I will merge.

To put vinaigrette a hill and to strew with chopped jelly, around to arrange a garnish.

Summer vinaigrette Potatoes piece, tomato pieces, a cucumber pieces, beet ?

piece, carrots pieces, apple pieces, turnip pieces, vegetable oil St.

spoon, sour cream, lemon juice, salt to taste.

Beet and potatoes to wash up, weld, then to clear and cut the thin slices to put in ware; carrots and turnip small to cut, add and to extinguish a small amount of water, vegetable oil, having closed a cover.

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Using the available

Using the available UNITE AND TELL To come up with a fairy tale about those items that you see every day.

cat and a pack of sour cream parrot and the mirror plastic soldier and fire truck fly and table lamp Teddy bear and a Barbie doll statuette and a bookshelf in which it is closed COMPILATION OF TALES BY ANALOGY Remember a few fairytales.

Using the available figures from kinder surprises on to show and to tell the tale, like those that you know well.

Let heroes will other, but the meaning of the tale will remain the same.

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